Help Paddington build a box of presents

Help Paddington spread the joy of learning by building a box of school supplies for a child to give them the chance to learn, play and reach their full potential. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1Drag some presents into the box below

2When your box is ready, press SEND

3Unicef and Paddington will send a Thank You card

  • All children deserve the chance to go to school. With this gift of five Unicef school bags you’ll equip five children with sturdy backpacks to carry everything they need for successful learning at school.

    £ 13.50

  • Send 400 pencils to a school and help children to learn. Pencils are one of the most basic but important tools for learning. Help children learn to write and go on to achieve their potential at school.

    £ 8.00

  • Send a gift of five storybooks to create story time magic for children around the world. Help children learn to read, and make learning fun, by sending storybooks to learning centres, schools and families.

    £ 12.50

  • This gift of 40 vaccines will protect 20 children against measles, helping them to grow up healthy and fulfill their potential. With just two doses of measles vaccine a child will be protected for life!

    £ 13.00

  • With this gift you can send pens, books, rulers, scissors, a chalkboard, a globe and more – everything needed to set up a temporary school. When children’s education is interrupted by emergencies, like earthquakes, this school-in-a-box can help at least 40 children continue to learn.

    £ 160.00

  • Help keep Syrian children warm and safe this winter. This gift will provide warm hats and gloves to four children in Syria, or to Syrian children who have had to leave their homes to find safety in nearby countries.

    £ 12.00

  • Every child loves a biscuit and every parent loves a biscuit that can save a child's life. Packed full of all the nutrients children need to grow up strong, these biscuits are used to feed children in emergency situations where food may not be readily available.

    £ 10.00

  • Children’s love for football is universal. With this present you’ll give children around the world the chance to play, exercise, and have fun! From schools to refugee camps, a game of football can bring children and communities together.

    £ 8.00


Paddington has become a champion for children in support of Unicef. Paddington's kindness, tolerance and perseverance in the face of adversity or marmalade-related mishaps make him the perfect champion for children.

With help from you and Paddington, Unicef can continue to build a world where every child is happy, healthy and safe.

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